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NC band/arts collective 

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Impulse Machine

is an arts and media collective based out of central North Carolina. Music makes up the heart of their creative output; their eclectic work – roughly categorized as experimental rock and metal – has been praised for its darkness and emotional intensity, while their dramatic live shows have earned them an enthusiastic following in the regional scene and beyond....

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Jordan Servie is an award winning percussionist trained in march and jazz traditions. After a 2 year interim from music, Jordan stepped back behind the kit with Impulse Machine in 2020. As a student of groove, swing, and those other rhythmic phenomena that evade definition, he brings an unmistakable vitality to the group's live shows.


Hailing from Texas and born to an artistic family, Ethan Bowen is a violinist, bassist, and – of prime import here – guitarist. He's worked in local music on both sides of the stage for years, and has been making elegant noise as Impulse Machine's lead guitarist since 2021.


Matt Stretz first collaborated with Impulse Machine as the mastering engineer on the Ultraviolent EP. Known elsewhere for his musicianship in In Dying Eyes, Here Lies Dahlia, and Fvke Hvppy, and elsewhere still for his long list of production credits, he signed on as guitarist, production partner, and hardcore/metal emissary during the summer of '22.

A graduate student and researcher at NC State University studying the effects of sound on the human body, Conner Tomlinson was a classically trained pianist and violinist before finding a place as the voice of Impulse Machine. His writing jumps between weird fiction and politically charged reflections on control, reason, and violence, while his musical influences can be found in nearly every corner of popular and extreme music.

Zac Strum is responsible for the band's imagery, including photography, videography, and the markings that decorate neglected surfaces across Chatham County. He draws musical inspiration equally from legendary funk bassists and underground hip hop, and has honed his stage presence as a performing artist in an assortment of international circuses.


Live performances are where music becomes experience. Impulse Machine's shows incorporate surreal and provocative visuals, custom built instruments, and ruthless energy to breathe new life into songs.



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