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Conner A. Tomlinson
Frontiers in Art and Sound

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Music producer, audio engineer, singer/songwriter, sound studies researcher.

Exploring the full horizon of musical experience through theory and practice.

Recent Projects


Music and Audio Production

With years of experience in both studio and live sound, I know that bringing life to a musical idea takes more than simple translation. This means not only taking a collaborative and artistic approach to production, but working with artists to help them articulate their vision, turning albums into stories and shows into experiences.

Music Production | Live Mixing | Sound Design

Audio Production

Writing and Scholarship

My interests include art, music, and sound, with a focus on arts rhetoric, business, and philosophy. I've had work published in peer reviewed journals and presented at national conferences, and I occasionally post these and other bits of writing here.

Head over to Music Scene Media to check out my work in music criticism and journalism.

Custom Equipment

The convergence of form and function. If your next show or exhibit could benefit from my music machines, reach out and let's collaborate.



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