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Sound & Multimedia Services


Record Production

Whether you're looking to capture the raw energy of a live performance or realize a bold vision with elaborate arrangements, our versatile studio space, flexible pricing, and ambitious team of engineers and artists make AWM an unparalleled recording experience.

$100-200/song + $20/hr recording time

➢Engineering, editing, mixing, and mastering

➢Arrangement and orchestration (e.g. choirs, strings, synths)

➢Additional instruments, programming, and session musicians

➢Options for full-band live recording

AWM Live Session

Promote yourself with a Tiny Desk-style live performance video in the AWM studio.

$250/song – discounts available for multiple songs

➢Multicam video recording and editing

➢Multitrack live audio recording and mixing

Live Mixing

Get the most out of your live sound with a professional mixing engineer, or host your own live event with our 500w PA system and 32-channel digital console.

$20/hr mixing

$100 PA and console rental

Something else in mind? Just reach out

➢Live show recording

➢Film score/sound design

➢Rehearsal space

➢Interview/podcast production

Beat/Instrumental Production

Solo artist looking to showcase your voice or instrument? With experience in metal, pop, hip hop, folk, and more, our team can put together a full band arrangement for your songs or produce an original instrumental.

$250/song + $20/hr recording time

➢Engineering, editing, mixing, and mastering

➢Custom beat or instrumental

Studio Rental & Engineering

Rent our fully equipped 1,300 square foot music studio on the outskirts of Siler City, NC. Includes access to mics, cables, assorted instruments and gear, and a 32 channel recording interface, as well as assistance with equipment setup and interface routing.

$25/hr or $150/day

Demo Recording

Want high quality recordings of your music but not quite ready for a full studio production? Book some time for a live recording or scratch version of a few songs and get a feel for the AWM studio while you're at it.

$20/hr studio time

Our Work

Hemlock Theory

Tension After Midnight (2021)

Production, engineering, & mixing

Party at the End of the World (2022)

Production, engineering, & mixing

Death By Pencil

"(Turn Off) The News" (2022)

Production, engineering, & mixing

"Break Down Song" (2022)

Production, engineering, & mixing

"As You're Buying Drones" (2023)

Production, engineering, & mixing

Pale Spectre

From the Spectral Plane (2022)

Production, engineering, & mixing


"buddybabe" (2023)

Instrumental production, engineering, & mixing



Instrumental production, engineering, & mixing

Run Home Jack

AWM Session (2022)

Audio and video production

The Consequences of Our Own Actions

AWM Session (2023)

Audio and video production

Of the Oceans

Waves (2023)

Studio space and additional engineering (track 4)

Meet the house band:

Impulse Machine

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